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About Us

Two ladies holding with their baby

Mission Statement

ALBA CARE SERVICES, INC. is a foster care organization who serves children, youth, and families who need assistance in properly providing for their obligation to their children. We put special focus on the needs of children who have physical and cognitive impairments, part of the LGBTQ community, or born from a large family. We also provide assistance to teenagers who need guidance and leading to live proper lives as they transition to adulthood and provide foster care programs to pregnant teens or teenage mothers. We, likewise, assist families in building good relationships with their children to promote a peaceful and productive household.

We have been founded for the primary purpose of providing foster care to children, proper guidance to the youth, and assistance to families to create a harmonious and productive world starting with the community that we serve. Serving the areas of Imperial County, Riverside County, Orange County and San Bernardino, we believe that the little sparks of hope that we provide in the lives of each individual that we have helped can fuel the flame that will create not just a more progressive America but a better world for everyone to live in.

  1. Our Services:
    • Foster Care for Children
    • Youth Guidance
    • Family Assistance
  2. Our Staff
    • Compassionate and Nurturing
    • Trained and Licensed
    • Skilled and Adept
  3. Ways That You Can Help
    • Donate
    • Volunteer
    • Sponsor

Should you know someone who can benefit from our services, or if you are interested to be a part of us as a social worker, or have been moved to take part of our advocacy by sharing your blessings, you may visit our office for a consultation with our director. Kindly set an appointment at your most convenient time by calling us at 951-653-2224.